The Three Phases of Tax Resolution

Tax resolution doesn't start without taking some time to understand the case. In general, every tax resolution case goes through three phases:

  • Transcript Analysis
  • Return Filing
  • Final Resolution

In order to resolve an IRS case, you first need to know what issues are out there.  You can't resolve a problem with the IRS unless all of your tax filings are up to date - and that means that the tax transcripts need to be fully examined first. This first phase isn't the resolution - it is an information gathering phase.

Once the transcripts are reviewed, there will potentially be a filing of missing tax returns and a strategy developed with your adviser on how best to approach the tax issues your face.

It is only AFTER these first two phases are complete that the negotiations for resolving your issues with the IRS can begin. If you get the cart before the horse, you will waste time, money and resources and not progress to effective resolution of your tax issues.

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