Tax Advocacy

Taxes can be complex, and the IRS can be intimidating. We are on YOUR side, advocating for you and your position. Our job is to help get to the best possible outcome and give you peace of mind.

Tax Planning

Small and mid-sized businesses deserve the same high quality expertise as the big Wall Street firms. Our experience in distressed, private equity and small businesses will level the playing field.


Tax issues often lead to other business challenges.  In Washington and California, we will also assist with business consulting and restructuring - including receiverships, assignments and bankruptcy.


Legal and accounting focus

All of our tax attorneys are admitted to practice before the IRS, in the Unites States Tax Court, in the Appellate Court of their region, as well as admitted to at least one state as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Our practice focuses on bringing business AND legal knowledge to your case.

We Work With You

Working with our network of professionals, such as members of the Turnaround Management Association, as well as your team, we look at your situation holistically. We will focus on your immediate tax problem, and also work with other professionals on your team to help resolve issues for the long run.


IRS Audit Defense

Centerbridge Law Group, PLLC will help guide you through these challenges, level the playing field, and represent your interests before the IRS. Our team is led by lawyers and CPA’s with over 20 years of experience in helping small businesses manage financial difficulties and navigate difficult situations. In some cases, not only can an audit result in no additional moneys owed, but a deep look at your taxes may result in missing deductions or credits that could result in a refund. Because our attorneys are admitted to the United States Tax Court, we are able to assist you with the IRS not only in California and Washington, but nationwide as well.

Tax Litigation and Representation

Tax litigation is high stakes for you and the IRS. The government has a lot on the line, and so do you. A loss by the government could impact other taxpayers as well as you - and they will bring their strongest case.

We will pull together a team of experts able to represent you against the IRS. Our strategy may include utilizing former IRS agents, forensic accounts, financial investigators, CPA's, industry experts and other resources necessary to convince a judge that your position is the right one. We approach every case with an intent to win, and do not recommend litigation unless we believe it is in YOUR best interest.

Defend Your Interests

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